Monday, September 14, 2009

Caveman Nancy Challenge

Caveman Nancy Challenge Finals prove "Epic"

Several months back at the "Epic Challenge Finals" the heavens opened up and
poured down on our event. Check it out here. http://www.vimeo.com/5033488
Saturday proved to be another historic event finals.

What a great event. It seems every final event we have at CrossFit Cedar Park
brings on the rain. What a great group of competitors and a great group of people.
Thanks to everyone who came out to cheer, and help out. It was wet and fun.
Everyone who went paleo dropped body fat and improved their performance. Like we didn't know that would happen. Pics and video to come.

Overall Fastest Time (Advanced)
Michael Fiorillo - 13'03"

Advanced Category
1st Place - Melanie Bruce - 9'45" improvement
2nd Place - Trevor Hance - 7'29" improvement
3rd Place - John Cornejo - 5'52" improvement

Intermediate Category
1st Place - Paula Speich - 6'46" improvement
2nd Place - Jodie Goldberg - 3'01" improvement
3rd Place - Jody Cummings - 1'54" improvement

Beginner Category
1st Place - Diane Hance - 6'14" improvement
2nd Place - Mike Brown - 5'32" improvement
3rd Place - Kelly Flores - 3'46" improvement

Bodyfat and weight loss info to be posted later.

Congratulations! Everyone rocked it out!


30 Squats
10 Pull ups
5 Clean & Jerks (155, 105)

6 rounds for time

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Garrett said...

Congrats to everyone on their accomplishments. Wish I could have been there, can't wait to see the videos!

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